The New Normal with COVID-19

Covid’19 Pandemic has inflicted a sudden and frightening havoc within the human mankind and behavior. This is global and requires a coordinated support from each, leaving behind the notion of developed and under-developed nations. Talk of the surroundings, Lifestyle, Business, industry everything has been victims in equal measure. Loss of jobs, transportation disruption, poultry and […]

IT: Flourishing Affair of the French Economy

Maintaining a flourishing relation and dominant worldwide is the quite popular, French Economy. As a result the Chemical industry, Fashion industry, Tourism industry, Technology hub are the contended relatives of this diversified economy. With dominance of mixed economy, it follows norms of freedom with economic planning and government regulations. IT Market is one of the […]

A Virtual Taste of French Cuisine – Bon Appetit!

French known for its finesse and grace – the French culture, the French population and the French Cuisine. Speaking well of flavors and cooking, French Cuisine caters to your heart and soul, with extreme beauty and grace. Travel and expansions over the years, the French Cuisine has added the traditions from Spain, Italy, Germany, Switzerland […]