The New Normal with COVID-19

Covid’19 Pandemic has inflicted a sudden and frightening havoc within the human mankind and behavior. This is global and requires a coordinated support from each, leaving behind the notion of developed and under-developed nations.

Talk of the surroundings, Lifestyle, Business, industry everything has been victims in equal measure. Loss of jobs, transportation disruption, poultry and dairy wastage had to suffer heavy losses., for instance.

Ushering in the new normal, the pandemic has surely been different but not something new. It has urged people all over, to push their boundaries and as a result, step out of their comfort zones for a much needed change.

Six months of lockdown and still continuing, travel restrictions, sanitisation, wearing of masks have been the saviors. We have been exhausted but Covid-19 is here to stay.

Lets have a brief look at some of the aspects of our new lives.

1. Hygiene

At times it was difficult to educate the population of basic hygiene and sanitisation but now the demands for the same has increased. Special vigilance is being carried out by social workers, even the galis and the mohallas. Consciousness and alert for health has reached to a new rate.

2. Technology

Setting new standards, the pandemic has fueled the use of technology in each sector from business to education to agriculture and every other phase. Digitization that was unknown to 90% of the population has now been set on everyone’s palms.

3. Health

Fresh home cooked, health routines, exercises and spending time with family has been of prime concerns. It has changed the time sphere well-efficiently.

4. Government Inertia

As a result, Quick decision making and action implementation by our Government has to be appreciated. Quick lockdown, much needed healthcare upgrade are some of the new ways of life gifted by the pandemic.

5. Social obligations

One of the most satisfying of the lot has to be the lavish spending on the marriage and several other social occasions. These were merely to exaggerate one’s status and for obligations. No other law could have made this possible, but fortunately a virus was all successful and in the shortest span of time.

Covid has surely bought a new normal but it is not something that is difficult and can’t be inculcated in our lives. Teaching us technology, discipline, healthy habits and care for others in life. “Washing hands well”, “Eating healthy, fresh, home-cooked” are not something new to us but we lost them somewhere on our way towards light and prosperity. The global spread has for sure, taught us new life and work, without glitches and pitfalls.

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