A Virtual Taste of French Cuisine – Bon Appetit!

French known for its finesse and grace – the French culture, the French population and the French Cuisine.

Speaking well of flavors and cooking, French Cuisine caters to your heart and soul, with extreme beauty and grace. Travel and expansions over the years, the French Cuisine has added the traditions from Spain, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Belgium. To stabilize this heritage of the world of cuisine, UNESCO listed the ‘French Gastronomy’ to the prestigious list of the ‘World’s Intangible Cultural Heritage’.

As an art in France, the cuisine is also about Culture, Family and Socializing. Ranging from simple serves like cheese, ham and cheap drinks to exquisite meals of more than a dozen to beverage bottles that speak variety and royalty.

Speaking of which France and its varied regions serve treats, to your mouth and to your souls. Top quality sea food from the rich coastline, fresh and ripe fruits from the Loire valley, the special sparkling beverage drinks, Cheese from Rhone-Alpes and many to get your mouth watering for the taste.

Followed quite religiously, a simple yet ruled structure dominates the French Cuisine:

1. Breakfast

More as the French cuisine has it, ‘Le petit dejeuner’ is simple and light. French bread topped with honey, butter or jam along with cafe creme or coffee and hot chocolate for the kids. Weekend treats are real, with servings of croissants, chocolatine or pain aux raisins. Adding up to the heroic character – Savoury foods, the famous ‘petit dejeuner fermier’ where long slices of bread are topped with cheese, ham and served with fresh fruit juices, or a hot drink.

2. Lunch

Not much celebrated is a Lunch or ‘Le dejeuner’, and only Sunday Lunches are a celebration of family hood. Majority population pertains to be students or working, and resort to cafeterias, canteens for the same. Be it the constraint or pricing or timing, lunches are mostly a sandwich followed by a dessert, time and budget friendly.

3. Dinner

Ending the day, ‘Le diner’ or a dinner is a proper three course meal with appetizers or ‘entree’ , main course or ‘plat principal’ and a dessert or a, cheese course. For a taste transition, the dessert is even a yogurt and even, a fresh and sweet fruit.

Talk of French Cuisine, and Beverages, drinks ought to make their space. ‘Digestifs’ or stronger drinks decorate the post meal plan.

Keeping their traditions alive, French Cuisine tries hard to have the fast food rituals at a distance. Success has prevailed and gripping over this has been promising.

Passion for French skills and dining kept intact, it is one of the most beautifully preserved cuisine worldwide. The cuisine is all worth for taste, cooking and presentation.

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