5 Things I love about Paris

The city of love, lights and beauty! A visit to Paris is like a dream come true. It has an old world charm with all modern amenities. One visit will make you feel like you could settle there and live a beautiful comfortable life. Here are the five things I loved while I toured Paris.

  1. The Beauty of the City

    Paris is exquisite. The architecture and the monuments in the city are bewitching. You would enjoy strolling around in the Parisian gardens while appreciating the amazing weather and people around. The design of the city is very well planned and symmetric. The metro takes you everywhere quite literally. So you just need to map out where you want to go and you are there easily. Easy yet stunning!

  2. The Shopping Experience

    There is everything from luxury to malls to even street shopping. The malls are artistically designed and look like royal buildings. If you like to shop and eat high end, Galleries Lafayette is your best bet. Forum de Halles is more for the casual shoppers however it has a vast variety of shops ranging from stationery to groceries to fashion. Do check out the Avenue des Champs Elysees for an out of the world experience.

  3. The Cafes

    The cafes in Paris will sweep the wind beneath your wings. Most of them are outdoors with the most perfect view. You get served delectable French cuisine of almost all genres. Try out the Croque Madame sandwich and a can of orange juice for breakfast and your day is sorted like the French. 

  4. The Lifestyle

    Parisians have an easy and fulfilling lifestyle. They enjoy their festivals and their weekends with full vigor. The city is bustling with activity on the weekends and you can see people visiting the tourist spots, museums and malls. Even the cafes are jostling with energy and action. Their penchant for spending quality time with friends and family is admirable. 

  5. The Wine

Wine is as cheap as water or even less expensive. When you walk around the city all you will see is people sitting with family or friends with their glasses of Rose and admiring the view and company. Hit the local supermarket for an inexpensive version or the malls for the luxurious high end ones.   


Paris has been one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life and the city stays close to my heart and at the top of my revisit list always. 

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